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Expert photography by a vacation rental photographer captures Santa Barbara living room, showcasing the finesse of interior shots distinct from aerial photography.

Wine Country Home

Fachwerkbau Cottage

Luxury Rental Estate

Compact Rental Unit

Commercial Space

Wine Country Home

Our recent photography project revolved around capturing the essence of a stunning wine country home, destined to be listed on Airbnb. Nestled amidst rolling vineyards and bathed in golden sunlight, this property was a blend of rustic charm and modern luxury.

The primary goal was to produce outstanding photographs that not only showcased the architectural beauty and interior design of the home but also evoked the serene ambiance of the wine country. The client wanted potential Airbnb guests to be able to visualize themselves enjoying a tranquil getaway at this picturesque location.


Our primary focus was to accentuate the spaciousness of the interiors, ensuring potential renters could envision themselves in the space. We took special care to highlight the intricate details of the old home design, paying homage to its timeless beauty. Additionally, we showcased the surrounding flora, emphasizing the serene and picturesque environment that the cottage is nestled in. The resulting photographs offer a harmonious blend of space, design, and nature, presenting the cottage in its most inviting light.

The client received a total of 45 photographs for the 680-square-foot home.


We were tasked with photographing a luxury Airbnb rental, capturing its interior charm and vast exterior beauty. We enhanced the shoot with drone shots and created a one-take drone video for social media. The client received 40+ photos from this session.


We were called to photograph a compact rental unit. The client needed pictures ASAP so our team came in the same day and efficiently completed the on-site shoot in just 30 minutes. The client received the photos in under 12 hours.

Commercial Space in FUNK ZONE

In a dynamic photography project in Santa Barbara’s Funk Zone, we focused on a commercial garage, combining its layout with the area’s art culture. Over 20 images were taken, emphasizing the structure and the zone’s creativity. Post-production involved retouching to boost appeal. Completed in two days, the portfolio highlighted the property’s size and character, exceeding expectations and receiving positive feedback for its quality and quick delivery.

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