Documentary Work

Roto Flight Team had the privilege to contribute to a profound nonprofit documentary “Paddle Out.” We conducted sophisticated drone operations to capture fast-paced action in the thrilling and inspiring world of surfing, among other exciting scenarios.

“PADDLE OUT” showcases Melissa Pappageorgas’ battle with Cystic Fibrosis and her healing journey in the ocean, supported by her partner Joey. This heartwarming documentary celebrates her resilience and the human spirit’s strength.

The feature documentary film “PADDLE OUT” delves into the therapeutic benefits of the ocean, as experienced by one woman battling Cystic Fibrosis. Melissa Pappageorgas sought refuge in the surf and saltwater as a means to cope with the difficulties of her debilitating disease.

Melissa, mentored by surf legends and the Mauli Ola Foundation, notably learned from Shawn “Barney” Barron. His teachings in surfing and survival were crucial, especially during her ICU stays.

Have you ever felt the therapeutic power of the ocean? Join Melissa Pappageorgas as she battles Cystic Fibrosis and rediscovers the healing properties of the water in the heartwarming documentary “PADDLE OUT”.

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Looking back at the enchanting Fall Soirée, we’re filled with warmth and gratitude.

Santa Barbara’s premiere waterfront dining experience.

Dating from 1871, elegant hotel and Victorian B&B.

FPV Indoor Drone Tours

“One take” Drone tour of iconic UC Santa Barbara Thunderdome.

“One take” Drone tour of a luxury rental estate located on The Mesa, Santa Barbara.

Drone Tour of a classic car showroom and dealership in Santa Barbara, CA – Milpas Motors.

“One take” Drone Tour of a vibrant co-working space in Goleta, CA – THE SANDBOX GOLETA

“One take” Drone tour of a local Goleta brewery – Captain Fatty’s.

“One take” Drone tour of a holistic boutique in Carmel by The Sea, CA – Tejido Collective.

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Real Estate Agent Walkthroughs

“Another episode from the Airbnb Project. This is the largest unit and my favorite of the four, welcome to Casa De Oro.

Explore the comprehensive ‘before and after’ of this extensive project to witness the remarkable transformation of the property.

The final unveiling of the Airbnb project! It was a 7 month journey to finalize construction on all 4 units but we made it to the end.

One of the stunning units from Jon’s rental collection. Take a tour of this newly renovated unit.

Providing an update on an ongoing rental property remodel. Stripped down walls revealing the bones of the property bring surprises.

Managing seven furnished rentals with a focus on acquisition, construction, and tenant placement, emphasizing three key factors for their next deal.

Take a step into recently acquired property meant for renovation and turning into a profitable rental.

Find out about Santa Barbara real estate market and what future brings to the market.

Real Estate Showing Videos

Explore the comprehensive ‘before and after’ of this extensive project to witness the remarkable transformation of the property.

The final unveiling of the Airbnb project! It was a 7 month journey to finalize construction on all 4 units but we made it to the end.

Check out this large home in the heart of Orange County, CA.

Property for sale in Walnut, CA. Perfect home for a family starting out.

Another rental from Jon Gilkeson’s collection in the heart of Santa Barbara.


Diving into aspects of furnished rentals with Santa Barbara experts Jon and Brett. Learn about pros and cons of this model and what it takes to became successful in the market.

OUR Collaboration

The 2023/24 hype video to kick off the NCAA D1 Mens Basketball season.

UC Santa Barbara Dance Team, featured dance drill.

Real Estate Photography

Expert photography by a vacation rental photographer captures Santa Barbara living room, showcasing the finesse of interior shots distinct from aerial photography.

Wine Country Home

Fachwerkbau Cottage

Luxury Rental Estate

Compact Rental Unit

Commercial Space

Frequently Asked Question

Our operations are intensified throughout California. Emphasizing that Southern California is closest to us as it is our current home!

But we also operate throughout the United States, especially for larger orders such as large commercial facilities (hotels, factories, large warehouse spaces).

We have drones for both inside and outside use. Our indoor drones are small, light, and can fit in your hand. They’re great for showing the inside of buildings, which is becoming popular in the business of selling properties.

Our drone pilots are skilled and have the right licenses. They wear special goggles to see what the drone sees, making it easy to fly the drone through rooms without any problems

Typically, once the shoot is completed, you can expect your edited photos and videos within 1-2 business days. However, for more complex projects like 3D mapping or virtual tours, the turnaround time might take 2-5 days.

Weather can be unpredictable. If conditions are not suitable for flying, we’ll reschedule the operation to a more suitable day at no additional cost to you.

Yes, our drones are capable of covering large areas efficiently. Depending on the project’s requirements, we can deploy drones with longer flight times or use multiple drones to ensure comprehensive coverage. We can cover up to 1,500 acres per day.

In most cases, as the property owner, you have the right to authorize drone flights over your property. However, we always ensure that our operations comply with local and federal regulations. If any additional permissions are needed, we’ll guide you through the process.

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Got a question or an idea you would like to share? Please leave your information down below and we will reach back within few hours. You can also call us (DAILY, 10am-5pm) at (805) 699-6282.